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Hot Tech Summer Diary - AR Needle Park

While a part of our team is complaining about the summer in New York being too hot (whiners!), the majority of Omega-R here in Russia is hoping the heat would stay with us longer. (You should come here in October if you want to know why)

5 Virtual Reality Things To Do in NYC

Everyone is talking about VR technology and you don’t have a set of goggles to experience it yet? It’s actually not too hard to test out Virtual Reality if you live in a city like New York. There are plenty of places to try VR in various environments, talk about it, or meet the people who create it and even start creating it too.

7 Industries Where VR Technology Promises Success

Here are 7 of the most promising fields for VR use from all the facts and rumors we’ve been hearing about, while at the same time keeping in mind what requirements, sacrifices and moral choices might meet us along the way of this technological advancement.