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How to make users fall in love with your app?
You might think that this is "easy peasy" and "so damn obvious" but most of the companies that are building an app forget at least one of these points on a way to "bigger picture".

The best apps tend to do only one thing, but they do it very, very well. It is very important that the app is engaging in design, original in its content and solves a certain problem.

Make sure your app is something essential and fits well into the market niche. Your market research has to incorporate not only competitor apps and their qualities but also the demand for product as such on the market and the competitive advantage, it's strength and individuality.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression", and in order to provide an app that is interactive to your user you have to consider how intuitive your design is. UI/UX design must be user-friendly in terms of visuals and easy to understand in terms of use.

Check if the design is compliant with Android Material Design and iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

The end user must be able to utilize the core functions of your app without reading the instructions- intuitively, if your design is "spot on" you gain a customers interest. In other cases no quality help will solve the issue of lost interest.

Moving to the next point — help. Customer won't look for help unless they already have an issue, therefore you must provide quick, useful and easy to understand troubleshooting option. These little tweaks will decide on your future, whether you have the chance to be featured on Apple/ Google Play or not.

iPhone release was an introduction to the app ecosystem for most of us, but bare in mind that Android is now the dominant platform. Over a third of the market share belong to Android smartphones in most markets, so get your hands on the iPhone but don't forget about Android.

There is only so much you can do in a lab, don't be scared to go public. Open your app testing to a wider variety of people by pre-sharing your app on Google Play or inviting people in for a test drive of your app. Outsiders can bring bright ideas, you can fix your bugs and use some extra suggestions to make your app better before the final straw.

Also you would be surprised by the amount of people neglecting the idea of using analytic tools, which sometimes don't cost a thing. Flurry is one of our favorite to monitor users behaviour, with its help you gain a lot of priceless user insights, and a wider understanding on what direction to take with your app.

Fantastic wrapper is a must have nowadays. Make the description of your app immersive, include colorful screens and videos of your app and localize your graphic content in the best manner possible. Once you are done with wrapping, you need to come up with keywords to optimize the search in the app store and hence increase its visibility.

Key words is a great tactic that will help you to communicate your message clearly and showcase your app to the target audience. If you need help with generating key words you can always turn to our faves App Annie and Sensor Tower or contact your mobile developer for assistance.

App category is also the point to consider, have a little search of similar apps and criteria they have mentioned, choose one with highest search rank that fits well with your app concept and go for it. When your app appears as one of the top in search, that is when you know you' ve nailed it. Last but not least, if you want a world's market, don't forget to localize your app to the basic languages.

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