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Can I Dowoodle you out?
Everybody once in a while wonder what to do with their free time but not many people find an answer to that question, at least not right away. We all go online searching for activity, call friends or in many unsuccessful cases, just end up on some social network.

Sometimes selecting the best option for going out is almost impossible as you always get torn between different leisure choices. Having a big pool of activities can be challenging to choose from as you always have to consider your budget, friends timescale, location etc. Dowoodle is a problem solver for indecisive souls that offers a big range of activities considering these issues, all you have to do is just set the data and choose what you like to do the most.


The app combines all of the possible activities in the area and gives users more leisure choices depending on their personal interest and budget criteria.

The app has a unique business model: it is totally free for end users. They are not supposed to pay for getting entertained. They are enabled to earn the money instead!

What is Dowoodle? It's the collection of unique, personalized activities and worlds of unlimited adventures. Any Dowoodle can have both premium and regular activities in it. When the users open a Dowoodle they can see only the first activity. To get other activities they have to run through clues (clues are "inserted" between activities) and answer questions to progress in the Dowoodle. Such functionality increases the level of fun and entertainment when experiencing activities.

Dowoodle also has timeframe which is derived from timeframes of activities. For more convenience the system calculates driving, riding or walking time from user's location to the first place in Dowoodle. This time is also added to Dowoodle duration.

Dowoodities are the activities that you can create and promote, where you set the time, location, budget and other important information yourself. The app doesn't dictate what you have to do, instead it opens the doors to the world full of fun activities.

Dowoodle app is not only supposed to incorporate a multiple number of existing listings but also to have a way of adding and suggesting new activities.

Even more: the advertisers wanted to have the ability to track the results of their campaign. For them we designed a super advanced dashboard where they could monitor the stats in real time and take action.
The whole Dowoodle app is based on the idea of incorporating and solving all of the needs that target audience has. There are 4 main points :

1. Play. User generated part, the App itself is available for everyone in the App Store.

2. Make. This function is aimed at creating own dowoodles and activities by the users themselves.

3. Promote.This is for advertisers who generate content for the Ad Clue module, and can also create their own (sponsored) Dowoodles and launch campaigns.

4. Give. That is charity, non-commercial Dowoodles, as well as the support of social campaigns. Dowoodle has partners in this field.

Dowoodle uses the gamification of advertising making a business marketing material a key part of these exciting, real world activities.
Once the users have selected their Dowoodle the fun really begins. They can see the number of activities in the Dowoodle and get more details like an activity preview, user reviews or suggestions about what to bring with you. The first adventure is revealed but the rest need to be unlocked.

So many men, so many tastes. How to please them all?

The group of our professional experts had to consider every step, from your location to the time that they are willing to spend and embed this information into a user friendly app. We used ElasticSearch engine to ensure smart and advanced filtering of a great variety of options.

The algorithm for individual selection was added for more convenience while choosing the best activity scope personally for you, basing the choices on your current state. This unique vibe meter function can narrow the selection down based on the mood, the budget, the time the user has available and even the energy level.The high level of customization is great news for advertisers too, who can target their ads with laser like precision to the specific geographic locations, social economic demographics and more.

The high level of customization is great news for advertisers too, who can target their ads with laser like precision to the specific geographic locations, social economic demographics and more.

After we got in contact with the client and received their detailed RFP ( request for proposal) we suggested to make an initiative design inspired by Netflix. The thought behind it was based on habitual behaviour of potential users, as our experience tells: simple but colorful design provides more app engagement.

At first we had a bit different vision in mind: we wanted to try bubble design to make the app look quirky and unique.

While we liked the exclusiveness of the bubble concept, we were concerned, if it would be habitual enough for the end users. After discussing it with the client, we mutually agreed that we would experiment with both and see the outcome.

When the app was released, it became obvious that the bubble interface menu wasn't as successful as expected.

Therefore, we initiated to change the design to the original proposal with some features of bubble design preserved.

This solution made an incredible difference. Customer engagements rose due to a clear interface, the app concept was delivered in the best way possible, and the number of downloads started to rise massively.

Core third- party; libraries: MagicalRecord, Alamofire, swiftyJSON, SwiftKeychainWrapper, Facebook SDK, SDWebImage, Firebase/DynamicLinks, PureLayout, Flurry, Omega-R open source libraries.
Apple-framework: UIKit, CoreData, CoreLocation, MapKit.
Backend: ElasticSearch, Cassandra, AWS (Amazon S3), Node.js/Sails.js
Libraries: Node.js, Elasticsearch, cassandra-driver, AWS SDK, Googlemaps, S3, sendgrid, Cassandra-store, gm, bcrypt, async, fb, node-twitter-api, twitter.
Frontend: Angular

UI/UX design iOS, Admin Panel, Backend development QA, PM


In the process of creating a Dowoodle app we gained great trust in our expertise and one more loyal customer. The product has been continuously evolving for over 4 years for now. While the current version is still supported, a new one—based on Angular 4 and NativeScript—is in process.
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