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For the last few years VR has been a great trend bringing business and leisure to the next level. We at Omega-R cannot stay away from the cutting edge technologies and have been working hard on various projects in the sphere of virtual and augmented reality.

We are excited to announce that starting September 1st we are launching a new VR/AR department. Our great team of expert Unity developers is ready to take on challenging tasks to build the highest level works.

It all started with 'Boeing 737 — Interactive Learning Module' project, aimed at bringing interactivity to pilot training. The task was to connect 360-degree static scenes. The team solved it by adding 360° video between spots which made transitions smooth to the fullest extent.

Then we decided to move forward and focused on design visualization. Although interior design is one of the most popular fields where VR can be applied, there are still quite few solutions available on the market. We firmly believe that there are a lot of technological improvements lying ahead, and our project can serve as proof.
Developed in Unity 5 for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, our Interior configurator includes a stack of interiors where users can change not only colors but also the light mode and adjust substances in real time with procedural texturing. For example, you can customize texture of separate bricks or panels in the wall to create a unique realistic design. Easy and intuitive navigation allows to explore the interior comfortably, even for users with no VR experience. Sounds intriguing?
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