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Omega-R получила награду Clutch Leader Award
Clutch, фирма по исследованию рынка B2B со штаб-квартирой в Вашингтоне, округ Колумбия. C, включила Omega-R в свой ежегодный список самых эффективных компаний-разработчиков программного обеспечения в Восточной Европе. Получение этой награды является большим достижением, и мы рады поделиться этой замечательной новостью со всеми нашими удивительными деловыми партнерами и клиентами.
Omega-R is a well-established digital agency that offers clients a wide range of technical solutions. Although many of our projects revolve around mobile apps, customers reach out for other products and services, like UX/UI design and web development. We also partner with business of all sizes in a variety of industries, as is shown on our Clutch profile.
Although Clutch's research analyst compiles multiple data points when ranking companies, client feedback is far and above the greatest indicator that a company is a leader. The team gathers and publishes case study-like reviews for every firm that uses Clutch. Here at Omega-R, we love to obtain reviews on Clutch because they show that our clients greatly appreciate our services.

Potential B2B buyers should also check out The Manifest and Visual Objects. They are Clutch's two sister sites. When taking together, each of these three magazines would combine to give you a pretty accurate depiction of where the B2B industry is right now. Although not completely focused on review-focused evaluations, The Manifest is more of a company listing site that also tries to draw attention to specific locations and cities across the globe.
Visual Objects, on the other hand, is a digital portfolio resource. Here, we are featured as a top mobile app developer in Russia. Check out the site to see how Omega-R's projects stack up against the competition. You won't be disappointed!
It's true that our clients are the driving force behind this review. Without their contributions, there's a chance that we would not have even won this award. Thank you for the support!
If you're interested in a partnership, please send us a note. We can also accommodate a quick overview of your project with any estimates you have. We look forward to connecting with new clients.
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