Hot Tech Summer Diary - AR Needle Park
July 28, 2017
Hot Tech Summer Diary - AR Needle Park
Wednesday, July 19th. Entry 1. AR Needle Park

While a part of our team is complaining about the summer in New York being too hot (whiners!), the majority of Omega-R here in Russia is hoping the heat would stay with us longer. (You should come here in October if you want to know why).

There is one more thing, besides the weather, we are jealous for our fellow New Yorkers, is that they can visit our amazing outdoor AR exhibit created in collaboration with Live In Theater at the Lower East Side. Outdoor plus AR is already a dream combination for a modern city resident but the story behind the exhibit is just captivating.

The exhibit was created as a part of an interactive theatrical experience "J&K 1965" based on photographs of the iconic Life magazine photographer Bill Eppridge. Eppridge captured very intimate and controversial images of drug addicts John and Karen and shocked American people exposing them to the reality of drug addiction in mid 60s. J&K 1965 takes place at a real park and not only completely immerses its audiences into the world of the main characters but also allows them to play roles in the performance.

As we heard about the idea of this immersive experience and John and Karen’s love story we thought of the way to make it even more interactive and engaging and to connect it to the present situation on drugs.

To make the photos come alive in a real life environment - modern “Needle Park” (Do you remember that movie with Al Pacino?), we created the mobile app "J&K 1965",  with UI replicating Eppridge's camera Nikkormat FT,  which will allow anyone to see these photographs in Augmented Reality. Visitors would just need to find special codes placed throughout the park and scan them with their smartphones.

The exhibit is FREE and will be at the address below until the end of summer.

 Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002

Any NYC resident or visitor should come to the park anytime during the day and find these photographs or see them become a part of the story at the performance this upcoming Sunday, July 30th.

Live In Theater got our attention for encouraging their audiences to talk about serious topics and using art to make impact on crime, drug addiction, and inequality problems. Just like us they are also very innovative and use technology to find new means of expression.


Here is more information about the experience and the exhibit.


Omega-R Team