From zero to hero in 24-hours.
August 09, 2018
Omega-R hack-a-thon 2018.

Finally, the time has come to announce the results of our corporate hack-a-thon event! On July, 27 the team started generating ideas for projects that had to be developed and presented as a full solution within the next 24 hours, on July, 28.

IT guys code, design and embed different solutions on a day-to-day basis as part of their job and it might not be clear to some why this event is even held. The ultimate goal of a hack-a-thon is to unleash the creative beast and get the team together to work on the same project and get to know each other from a new side. As we know, the best ideas often don’t emerge from a single person – they’re the result of collaboration, and this is why we do it.

It was an amazing finding that the team chose to develop products that would optimise and automate the internal processes. Some of the tools were intended for coders, the others were design orientated. Projects were different but very practical for the corporate use, they definitely improved our inner processes.

Also, the crew decided to go an extra mile and improve Omega-R's own app - ‘Live Colors for kids’, a complicated task to set yourself when everything was said and done. The outcome was surprising and now we have some great news for our small users and their parents - major updates are on the go…Don’t miss the release of new features and feel welcome to check the photos out.

Overall Omega-R held the great event, the team enjoyed a 24-hour challenge and hopefully you will notice the improvements in our inner processes and apps. We are waiting for your feedback!

Have a nice day!

With love, 

Omega-R team.