What is it like to be a mobile developer in Russia? What does it take to work efficiently with clients from all over the world? And how one’s interest for  astronomy could be applied in their entrepreneurship career?

Many of you were interested to learn more about the people who make Omega-R and we decided to issue a series of informal interviews with our team members  that will answer those and other interesting questions. If you’d like to ask us anything send your questions too. 

The first interview with our CEO and the Founder of Omega-R, Alexey. 

How was Omega-R founded?

In 2011, 7 years ago I was a developer with a good experience, and I worked as a project manager for another IT company. At that moment I realized that I want to create a new type of company and lead modern innovative projects.The company that I worked for at the time was working in a different direction, projects were rather simple, nothing creative. But as a young and ambitious developer I was craving for more challenges and innovation in my career.
I decided to start my own company and I looked for a niche that would be suitable for the modern culture and my skills. In 2011 there was a big rise in the mobile app industry. I remember, I bought a pre-owned iphone 4 and that was the first iphone that I started developing apps for. I worked 24/7 and did everything from developing the apps to customer service. Only later I have employed a part-time assistant — a university student. We were meeting and working at coffee shops and cafes and with time I gradually started expanding the team of like-minded people from 1 to 60 specialists in the house and an office in NYC that we have now. 

Where do you get inspiration for your work from?

I had my 2 main principles, that still guide my life: 
First- To always compete on the international scale and aim for the leadership on the world market.
Second — to always be on top of the latest technology in the industry. Be as up to date on the knowledge as possible. These two principles always moved me forward in my work and allowed me to have that challenging and creative atmosphere that we all love in Omega-R.

What was your first project?

The first project that we did was an app for Clinique. It diagnosed its user’s skin condition and recommended products from the brand line. This type of apps is actually very popular among skincare brands right now.
As the company grew I moved a bit further from developing, even though there are some amazingly interesting projects that I want to step in for, right now I am busy with growing the company and achieving our main goal- to be #1.

What do you think about Omega-R?

It is no secret that every development company does almost the same thing. Champions just put ten percent of additional work than the competitors. We always do a bit more, and push ourselves to go an extra mile for our clients — do more analytics, research more related fields, have a very detailed and thought-through design. It’s a lot like in sport. Exercise more and work hard. It’s our default thought-process when we work on a project — how can we improve the original idea or plan on every aspect.

What happens when you become #1?

We definitely would be developing our inner projects and improving them — helping people to make their life effortless so they have more time to spend it on what’s truly important for them.

How did you become a developer?

I had two favorite subjects in high school — Computer Programming and Astronomy. Since programming was a more prospective direction, it grew into a career choice. Later I moved on to a Computer Science degree at university which made the life choices pretty clear. I am still passionate about Astronomy but more of an orientir for our company scale,one day I hope to create a new universal concept.

 Where else do you apply your developing skills?

I apply my skills in education, during my PhD I was required to teach and I loved it since then.  Right now I teach a course called UML (Unified Modeling Language) at our local university. My dissertation was about E-Learning systems that made me realise another important value for the company. You always have to learn and gain knowledge in the field. Everything changes so quick in the IT industry and you always have to be up to date. Teaching students helps me to learn something new everyday.

What is your superpower? 

The flexibility is my superpower. As they say about Russians, we like to start slow but ride fast. It is a part of my character too. Usually I don’t become a leader at something  right away. I have always been a long-distance runner. Even in middle school, I was one of the  last  kids in sports class but the first one by graduation. That is the way we actually find people for our team. We all are the long-distance runners. 

 What is your favorite project?

All of the projects are my favorite. But there are definitely memorable ones — Sberbank (one of the largest banks in Russia). They had a really strong and advanced server we were working with. Motor World Car Factory — one of the bestsellers among games 10 M users. And the third one is the Dowoodle project . The UI is completely customized and it’s a good example of our largest scope of work, also it is the most long lasting project, we’ve been working on it for two years. 

Dream Project?

What is a dream project for us? I»d say it would be something that we create out of passion and big interest. We are a team of realists, everything that we dream about we like to see in an outcome. Proud to mention the fact that we already have one “dream come true project”. At the time I was going mad because I couldn’t watch a Novak Djokovic’s match and there was no way that I could keep up with the score and my colleague had a similar irritation about a missed football match the other day, therefore we came up with an app solution that allows you to keep up with any match or score. The reminder option was also included, all you had to do was just tap on the sport you are keen about and set the data.

Omega-R why is it different? Russian  developers are traditionally considered the best in the world, and they win IT olympic games (Geek games) in development very often. On the other side the US is really great at management. My dad studied management in NYC in the 90’s.  I think we apply the US standards of management and knowledge of famous Russian School of Development which makes Omega-R stand out from the rest, best of both worlds as they say. 

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