International Women’s day is a celebration of social, cultural, political and many more achievements of Women, but we, as a company, would like to highlight not only the strength but also the very nature of women — inner purity, beauty and care that warms us everyday.

8th of March is also a celebration of Spring, like nature awakes after a long lasting winter to bring new life, we are awake to thrive with new projects. It is about time we show our primroses, and share our first blossoms this year with you.

It’s time to spring back into shape.

The time when the days start getting longer, the temperature starts to rise, and you realize that it’s time to get out of the winter body we’ve got something waiting its turn just for you.

The next version of Running Trainer will be released this spring, the app that provides you with a wide range of running programs with your personal pocket instructor, resulting in better shapes for the summer season. 

For that season we will also be releasing a great Compass Pools app that opens up a catalogue of luxury swimming pools for your homes. A great way to spoil yourself with high class holiday at your doorstep. 

Reshaping our bodies after a long cold winter isn’t the only change that we need. Our English for Beginners app was put through a good use by the audience and we decided to make some amendments. A completely new design with a functional “aimed at result” approach will give you a new edge of learning. Coming soon. 

“Seasons change like clothes”.

Just like nature, we change the way we dress with each season, so why should apps look the same all year round? Inspired by audience, our team of designers came up with a better intuitive design, which gave  “Bystrodengi” app a complete new digital fashion edge. And it’s not only a beautiful wrapper, the design is only the reflection of the new vital functions that’s been added to the app. Changes better start from the inside. Check it out

You will rock the party anywhere, anytime with our app in hands.

The new GON app is waiting for the release. GON is a logical game, which is based on the word composition for each of the 4 categories starting on the selected letter. The app allows you to play worldwide with more engaging rules than the traditional game.

De-stress yourself, we’ll be the reminder.

The flower that is waiting to bloom this spring and show you the digital beauty- Recall app.  Release yourself from the cage of fear to forget something. Recall app is a new way of storing digital memories and creating “mental” reminders within your phone. Wait until the launch of Recall app to free your mind from the daily routine questions that can be stressful at times.

Forbidden to announce fruit.

Raising curtains a little, this spring we are starting a project that is going to be a bomb in a video industry. Our precious flower started picking its way through the ground. We can’t announce the name yet, but we can assure you that it is something beyond special.

If you would like to see it grow and get the results beyond expectations contact us on your project idea and we will plant, nourish and build a safe environment for your app.

With our big love,

Omega-R team wishes you a Happy Women’s Day!

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