Dear Friends,

On July 29, Omega-R celebrated its 7th anniversary!!! Hopefully, a long road of successfully built projects, brilliant ideas and great possibilities is still ahead of us and we wish to have you, our dear customers, by our side!

7 years = 7 racing yachts! Drive, adrenaline, extreme!

The team gathered together on Kazanka river for a fun regatta to celebrate another year in the industry. With the wind in our sails we were racing each other until the sun was down, but we loved it…

See how it was…

The yacht race pushed us into a sea of ​​emotions and fun experiences. This sunny day we gained the skills of a yachtsman: unfolded the sails, mastered a yacht and tried to hold off the bank in the process of racing the rivals.

It was an amazing experience for all of us!!!

The winners of the race were drinking champagne from the cup while the restaurant was getting prepared for our special event. At the end of the festive celebration, the flashes of fireworks lit up the sky above the city of Kazan under the «clink-clanks» of sparkling glasses!

Party must go on!

Tired and happy, we moved to the restaurant and the official part started with our leaders’ speeches.

Our CEO, Alexey Rybakov, expressed his gratitude to all employees for their professionalism, dedication, creative enthusiasm and their big love for what they do:

Judging on these 7 years of experience we can say with confidence that we gained a lot of priceless industry experience and of course we wouldn’t have done it without you. Our customers have been helping us to find the right path, the path we are on now. Over the years you have watched us grow and mature, so we have learned to assess our actions from the side, evaluate our strengths and achieve our goals. These qualities are inherent only in real leaders and thanks to them, Omega-R easily improves quality, increases sales and introduces the most current technologies to solve issues of any complexity for you.

Сreative Director, Alexey Zhukov, was the next:

Seven years is enough time to draw up some conclusions, and every year we sum them up. We consider things like achievements, how much we grow each step of the way, things that we could have done better and so many other details that I can’t even enumerate them all. And the most important part- we make plans for the future.
This day was no exception, and yet, it is special. Today, I feel that the company is mature and strong. This is very important when you no longer need to peek over the experience of leaders, try to adopt their values ​​or introduce some of the points from their «team spirit». We have our own history, our decisions and our own rules. Omega-R is at the stage where our own style and principles are formed, based on what we want to give to the world, on the way we want to live and work. I’m sure the company is ready for the main events and changes, which are already around the corner.

Our CTO, Sergey Yakimov the one to sum it all up :

Our company always sets great goals and high standards. The development department in this regard is no exception. Over the past year, the team has grown significantly in a professional way — the rapid development of technology and the competitive market do not let you stand still. New projects, that the team is working on, challenge the existing solutions and spotlight the expertise of the company in various fields.

On my behalf, I would like to congratulate all the employees of the company on the passed phase, wish them success in achieving their personal and team goals. My wish to the company itself would be to win over new markets and prosperity.

Let’s come together!

We are pleased to note that these years were marked by successful projects, major International partnerships and significant business growth. We thank our business partners and all those who supported us! A lot has been covered in seven years of productive work, and much more awaits us ahead!  Our team is always happy to welcome you on board!

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