When you’re a busy small business owner or a manager, Thanksgiving approaches quickly and as it gets there, all you get time to do is to thank your customers with an e-blast or a social media shout out, however Thanksgiving is a great holiday to get more personal with your clients and partners and make them feel like family.  And as long as you have a mobile phone along with you (which, of course you do), there are many cool things you can do that will help to make the holiday with your company feel special.

1.  Thank Your Customers with a custom framed photo or a holiday card.

It may sound simple, but we do appreciate a great thought and sometimes even more in a shape of a DIY custom holiday card or a framed image. Depending on your brand, your relationship with your clients and your resources, use these mobile tools to send out warm vibes to your customers. Encourage them to use your frame to post their family celebration pictures on your social media or share the cool animated card with wishes you’ve created with their friends and family.

It is a great opportunity to not only strengthen your relationship with existing clients but to also find new ones.

Apps: Thanksgiving Day Photo Frames Effects; Thanksgiving Day Picture Frames; Thanksgiving Day Photo Frames.

  • Thanksgiving Apps to Celebrate the Big day Hobnob Invitations & Text RSVP
  • Thanksgiving Greeting Cards (Android)
  • Free Thanksgiving ecards & Greeting (iOS)
  • Thanksgiving Day Photo Frames (Android)
  • Thanksgiving Photo Frame — Amazing Picture Frames & Photo Editor (iOS)

2.  Thanksgiving Themed Apps and Games

Some of you clients might be going out of town a day before the holiday and can bring kids to your office for a logistics’ sake. Or maybe you work at a place that kids often come to naturally. Either way that would be nice to have a Thanksgiving themed games installed on your work ipad or a smartphone available for them at your workplace. As they are waiting for a meeting or a purchase their parents making to be over, they can get into the spirit of the Holiday by coloring a digital Turkey or learning how to make their favorite thanksgiving dishes or even playing games teaching them the history of the holiday.
Apps:  Hidden Objects Thanksgiving Fall Harvest; A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving; Thanksgiving Dinner Food Maker; 3D Turkey Run Thanksgiving

Download one of our most popular apps “Live Colors!” that was recently featured in App Store, and offer the little ones to draw a turkey or create a holiday card they can send out to their family members.

  • Thanksgiving Fall Harvest — Hidden Object Time(iOS)
  • Thanksgiving Solitaire (iOS)

3. Thanksgiving Team-Building Games

If you have a thanksgiving event at the office or invite a client to join you for the celebration on the “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” scenario, use this as an opportunity for strengthening the relationship and team-building. Play fun team-oriented games such as “Charades!” which have a Thanksgiving theme.

You can use the drawing app Live Colors to play Pictionary.

4. Post or Host a Trivia Contest

This idea could also be used for a holiday gathering, but it actually works great to enrich your social media with more engaging content. Have a Thanksgiving trivia contest on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts and offer free perks or discounts to your services to the participants. Increase sales before Black Friday even gets here. Find questions for your trivia in the apps listed below.

Apps: Thanksgiving App; Thanksgiving Fun, Facts and Trivia.

5. Holiday Video

Another way to gain hearts of your customers is to create a fun holiday video message from the team. Use thanksgiving themed background or effects or just say simple thanks from your office setup. Your clients would appreciate the
Time you spent on creating the video either way. And there are of course some apps that would make the video look cool and festive without much time spent.

Apps: Ivideo Greetings;

The last note before you dive into creating the holiday spirit. Remember to use  the mobile technology to bond with people on Thanksgiving and not to separate yourself from them — leave your phone aside for a good part of the evening to have some real family time or a warm conversation with clients.

If you’re looking to create a custom app for your business, you’re always welcome at Omega-R. We will turn your ideas into effective tools for your business growth!

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