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5 Reasons Why Outsourcing is the Best Addition to Your In-House Team

Planning a large project? Lack qualified employees? Companies facing such situations have to choose between expanding their in-house team or opting for outsourcing staff.
Before making a final decision on hiring outsourced developers, companies need to carefully consider several factors. In this article, we offer a checklist to assess the need for outsourcing to complement your in-house team and why it's risky to rely on freelancers.

Checklist on whether you need Outsourcing

  • 1

    Evaluate the current workload

    If your team is struggling with the workload or there are short-term projects requiring additional resources, outsourced developers can be a valuable addition.
  • 2

    Do you need specialized skills not available in your current team?

    Outsourced developers provide access to experts with experience in specific areas, reducing project implementation time and increasing quality. IT company-provided specialists undergo rigorous selection and regularly upgrade their qualifications.
  • 3

    Analyze your development budget

    Outsourcing may be a more cost-effective option than constantly expanding the in-house team, especially if you need temporary resources. Additionally, it's an opportunity to reduce expenses on recruitment, training, and maintaining permanent employees, as well as avoiding taxes and social payments.
  • 4

    Assess project complexity

    Do you need flexibility in scaling the team based on changing project needs? Through outsourcing, you can scale up or down the team as required without the need to terminate contracts or dismiss employees.
  • 5

    Are there time constraints?

    How urgently do you need additional resources? Outsourcing can be a quick solution to expand the team, reducing project start and completion times.
By going through this checklist and carefully evaluating all the factors related to hiring outsourced developers, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether they are needed as an addition to your internal team.

Why Freelancers Might Not Be the Best Choice?

Chasing after cheap freelancers can lead to significant regrets. Fixing errors may cost even more. What are the consequences for the business with poor development?

Poorly functioning product

Inexperienced specialists often deliver mediocre results. You can't be sure of an employee's competence until you see their work. Thus, the quality of the result is a gamble, with little chance of success.

Slow service, data vulnerability, reputational risks, and the risk of hiring an inadequate employee

It's better to turn to an agency where specialists undergo rigorous selection, receive regular training, and their development level is constantly improving.

Data loss threat

In a world where data and information are among the most valuable resources, it's crucial to ensure their reliable protection. Freelancers are unlikely to guarantee the confidentiality of data due to lack of experience or insufficient knowledge. Agencies provide control, take responsibility for data protection, and offer guarantees, updating security as needed.

Violation of laws

Outsourcing through an IT company ensures compliance with labor laws, including contract formalities, tax payments, and social contributions. This protects you from risks associated with labor law violations.
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