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april, 2024

Why is outsourcing from developing countries always cheap but never of good quality?

In our article, we'll explore the downsides of cheap outsourcing. Why is it better to overpay but get a quality product? What will you get if you hire a full-fledged team of developers, analysts and designers for your project?
How tempting the rates of our colleagues from developing countries look. $15-20 per hour for a senior developer. There is always free cheese in a mousetrap. There's a big chance of getting a low-quality product, spending three times more money on bug fixing and code changes.
We've gathered the opinions of all our clients who moved away from cheap development to us. We're sharing the results of our research with you.
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Our Features
  • Low level of qualification
    It's undeniable that there are many specialists in India who are professionals in their field, but their rates correspond. The majority are still newcomers who have completed short IT development courses. It's also worth noting those over 35 years old. There's a chance they only have a diploma from the 90s for completing six-month courses.
  • Funny rate
    The client usually wants many middle and senior developers to work on the project, at a low rate, and deliver a qualitatively completed project on time. But let's face it, freelancers or outsourcing companies also need to make money. So, those who need experience are the ones who take the job, with many juniors working under the supervision of one middle.
  • Lack of creative abilities
    Despite low rates, clients expect to receive a quality product. But if your project requires non-standard solutions, it's better to turn to an IT company with extensive experience in development. The reason being, freelancers often just copy and paste solutions created by someone else, which in turn leads to a decrease in the quality of the final product.
  • Communication problems
    Let's explain with an example. You ask if the project will be completed by the end of the month. You get the answer: "Yes." But this doesn't necessarily mean the project will be delivered by the end of the agreed-upon month. It might just mean your request was heard.
  • Time difference
    The time zone difference between India and the USA is approximately +/-12 hours.
  • Poor organization
    It's quite likely that you'll have to repeat the same requirements from call to call.
  • Work without a contract
    Due to low rates, many freelancers work without a formal contract. This reduces costs on legal services and taxes. Consider, will you be legally protected? Unclear work conditions, deadlines, payment, level of responsibility, and other project terms.
  • Reluctance to share
    Our clients often complain about not receiving source codes. Freelancers keep them on their local disks and refuse to hand them over after completing the project.

What Does Omega Guarantee?

Experience and Expertise

12 years of experience in software development, mobile applications and complex information systems. Every member of the team is continuously learning. We closely follow all the latest trends in information technology. And our projects meet all world-class standards in development and project management.

Development of customised solutions

We provide development of individual solutions. We know how to do creative, customised solutions to meet your requirements. With access to additional resources and services such as analytics, marketing and legal support, our team tailors the solution to the client's needs and offers the best way to solve problems. We always talk about the possible risks and offer several options to choose from.

We adjust to the clients

We have offices in the USA and Italy. Ready to communicate with the customer at any time that suits them. We are always in touch to make your experience with us as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Price = Quality

You will not regret a single penny spent. And in the long run, with us you will save your money and ensure the stability and efficiency of your business in the future. Omega always provides high quality services because it is not only beneficial for you, but also for us. You get a quality product - and you can recommend us to your colleagues or contact us again to solve your business problems!

No problems with mutual understanding

Our PMs have an excellent command of English, which ensures smooth communication and understanding of all aspects of the project. This high level of communication allows us to co-ordinate work effectively and resolve any issues or problems during project execution.


We work according to the Scrum methodology. It provides transparency and structure in work, avoiding confusion and repetition of requirements. Regular calls and task updates ensure a high level of communication within the team, minimising the risks of misunderstanding and the need for repeated discussions. Flexibility to increase or decrease resources.

We work only officially

Omega only works officially, ensuring your peace of mind. We take full responsibility for the outcome of the project, backed by our reputation supported by positive client feedback. Meeting deadlines and budgets, and providing increased transparency and accountability in all aspects of the work are our priorities.

We don't disappear once the project is complete

We give you full access to the source code and guaranteed support after the project is completed. We value long-term relationships with our clients and are always ready to help support and develop your product after its launch.
Of course, the priorities will be set by you. But remember, penny-wise, pound-foolish.
Free consultation
We'll calculate the cost of your project, develop a concept, and tell you how to implement your idea in the best possible way.