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february, 2024

Why Your Business Needs
an Online Store?

Why is conducting online commerce so important? What are the advantages over offline sales? And how does an online store differ from a marketplace?
In today's digital age with technology interwoven into everyday life, opening an online store becomes not only important but an essential step for business.

How Does an Online Store Differ from Selling on Marketplaces? And Why Is Developing an Online Store Better?

An online store is a website where only one company's products and services are sold. A marketplace is an online platform where products and services from various sellers are featured.

Online stores offer broader opportunities for brand management, assortment and marketing strategies, making them a preferred choice for many companies aiming to strengthen their market position and enhance competitiveness.
  • Enhanced ability to control the brand and product mix

    In an online store, a company has full control over the brand, website design, and product presentation, allowing them to create a unique image and stand out among competitors.
  • Flexibility in pricing and promotions

    Online store owners can independently manage product prices and launch promotions without the intervention of other sellers, enabling more effective management of marketing strategies.
  • Selling exclusive products

    Online stores can offer exclusive products not available on marketplaces, attracting customers and generating additional demand.
  • Improved quality control and service

    Developing a proprietary online store provides more opportunities for quality control of products and providing high-quality customer service, enhancing brand reputation and consumer trust.
Let's examine the key benefits your business can gain after opening an online store.

Advantages of E-commerce

Access to a wide audience

An online store allows reaching customers across the USA and even beyond, without being limited by geographical constraints like a traditional store.

Increased sales

Online sales are growing each year, and opening an online store provides an opportunity to expand the customer base and increase sales volume.

Convenience for customers

Shoppers can make purchases at their convenience, without leaving their homes or offices.

Savings on rent

Running an online store is cheaper than renting a physical store, reducing costs.

Ease of scalability

The ability to scale the business quickly, add new products and categories without significant expenses.

How to Open an Online Store from Scratch

Developing an online store is a multi-stage process involving several key steps. Here's a step-by-step guide to developing an online store
- Define the goals of your online store and target audience.
- Research competitors and determine your competitive advantages.
- Establish a development plan, including functional requirements, design, and budget.
Web Development
- Hire professional web developers or a web agency to create the online store.
- Design the online store, considering user experience and navigation convenience.
- Develop the functionality of the online store, including product catalog, shopping cart, payment, and delivery system.
Payment System Integration:
- Integrate payment systems to allow customers to conveniently and securely pay for their purchases.
- Ensure secure data transmission and compliance with security standards.
- Conduct testing of the online store to check the functionality of all features and ensure its security.
- Fix any errors and deficiencies before launching the online store.
Launch and Promotion
- Launch the online store and announce its opening.
- Develop a marketing strategy to attract customers, including the use of social networks, contextual advertising, and email marketing.
- Optimize the website for search engines (SEO) to increase its visibility in search results.
Support and Updates
- Provide technical support to customers and regularly update the online store to improve its performance and functionality.
- Track analytics and customer feedback to constantly improve the user experience and meet the needs of your audience.
It's better to order store development from professionals who can qualitatively handle all stages of work "turnkey".
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