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january, 2024

UX/UI Design is the key
to increasing conversions
on website

Every company faces the question
"How to increase website conversion rates?"
In today's world of web development and marketing, quality UX/UI design and thoughtful audience interaction are key success factors. Many people realise that it is important to contact professional web studios and develop a quality website design. This will not only help in increasing conversions but also in promoting the brand.

Why it is important to increase website conversion

Website conversion is the percentage of website visitors who have performed a targeted action. It helps to understand how user-friendly a website is for customers and at what stage they "fall off", i.e. customers close the site and don't take the targeted action. Increasing conversion rate directly affects the increase in profits.
General design principles
  • Understanding the audience
    The basis of successful design is a deep understanding of the target audience and their needs. Developing a bespoke design always involves researching their preferences, behaviours and expectations.
  • Content orientation
    Content should be accessible, easy to read and informative for visitors.
  • Simplicity and clarity
    The design should be intuitive and easy to use even for new users.
  • Adaptability
    A website should display and work well on a variety of devices and screen resolutions.
  • Speed and performance
    Optimising the page load speed and responsiveness of a website has a significant impact on the user experience.
To develop a quality design, you need to understand the journey a user takes before taking a targeted action.

Customer Journey Map

A tool that helps to understand the user's journey from the initial phase of encountering a product or service to the completion of a targeted action (e.g. purchase).
The user begins to research the market and possible product or service options.
Decision making
The user makes a purchase decision based on the information offered and the experience of interacting with the site.
The user makes a purchase or performs a targeted action.
After-sales service
An important stage involving post-purchase interaction with the customer to maintain and strengthen the relationship.
CJM allows you to identify key points of user interaction with the site and identify opportunities to improve the user experience at each stage.
Another research method that will increase website sales and develop a quality design is focus groups.

Focus groups are a research method in which a small group of people discuss and evaluate certain aspects of a product or service.

Why do you need focus group research in design and web development?

To gather feedback

Focus groups allow you to gather feedback from real users regarding the design, navigation, and overall impression of a website.

Problem identification

Focus group participants can identify problem areas that may be missed in traditional testing.

Suggestions for improvement

Participants offer ideas and recommendations for design improvements that can lead to new ideas and perspectives.
The interaction between UX/UI design, CJM and focus groups is key to creating an attractive and effective website that can attract and retain users' attention. Using these tools will not only help increase conversion rates, but also create a more satisfactory experience for users, which will ultimately lead to increased loyalty to the company and higher overall profits.

Of course, you can't create a website for free. To get real results, entrust the matter to the professionals.

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