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july, 2024

Design Trends 2025

UI/UX design is a wild world where trends change so rapidly that you can barely keep up. But don't worry, we're on the pulse and ready to share the latest news. Let's see what awaits us in 2025.

Custom Illustrations: A Masterclass from Artificial Intelligence

In 2025 AI will reign supreme. These cybernetic artists have learned to generate illustrations for any business task. Want a watercolor portrait? No problem. Cyberpunk in the style of "Blade Runner"? Sure thing. Personalization is everything.
Today, companies like MidJourney and OpenAI create illustrations that are indistinguishable from the works of real artists.

Full-Page Headlines: On the Main Page Like on a Glossy Cover

They say you are judged by your appearance, and websites are judged by their headlines. Large, full-screen, with background images, they take your breath away and instantly grab attention. All you need: a beautiful picture, text, and a button – that's the recipe for success.

Minimalism and Cleanliness: Simple and Tasteful

Minimalism is not just a trend; it's already an axiom. Less clutter means more focus on what's important. Laconic, clean designs make websites more pleasant and easy to perceive. Without visual noise, it's easier for users to find what they need.

Artificial Intelligence: The Cyberspace of Personalization

AI continues to conquer UI/UX. Content personalization, design optimization, smart chatbots – all of this is already a reality. Artificial intelligence makes interfaces smarter and friendlier, and the user experience unforgettable.
Netflix uses AI to select movie and series covers for each user, increasing content viewing.
How It Works
Analysis of User Data
Netflix collects data on user preferences, their viewing history, content ratings, time spent on the platform, and other interactions with the service. This data is used to understand the tastes and interests of each user.
Creating Multiple Covers
Multiple covers are created for each movie or series. These covers can vary in style, color scheme, and include different characters or scenes.
A/B Testing
Netflix conducts A/B tests, showing different covers to different groups of users to determine which ones attract more attention and clicks.
Machine Learning Algorithms
Machine learning algorithms analyze test results and user data to predict which cover will be most attractive to each specific user. Based on this prediction, the system automatically selects and displays the most suitable cover for each user.
Imagine two users, Alex and Kate, watching the same movie on Netflix, but each sees a different cover.
Often watches action movies and films with male protagonists. He might see a cover featuring an action scene or the main male character in the center.
Prefers romantic comedies and films with female protagonists. She might see a cover featuring a romantic scene or the main female character.

Voice Control: Say "Hey Siri!"

Voice control is reaching a new level. Touchless interaction is becoming the norm, especially in mobile apps. Now you can make requests without touching the screen. Convenient, right?

Amazon claims that their voice assistant Alexa is already installed on more than 100 million devices worldwide.

Playful Cursors: The Cursor as an Attractio

When was the last time you paid attention to cursors? A creative cursor can turn ordinary scrolling through a website into a small adventure. The main thing is not to overdo it and maintain user convenience. Classic is always in fashion.

From Trend to Standard: Microanimation as the New Norm

Microanimation and responsive interfaces have long been an integral part of good design. UX/UI aims to make every user feel at home interacting with your product. It's not just a trend anymore – it's a rule.
Get ready for the future because it's already here. Follow trends, implement innovations, and create interfaces that users will love at first sight. And Omega designers can help you with this.

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