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Connecting two cities
Yoshkar-Ola / New York City
We have two offices: one is in New York City and the other one — in Yoshkar-Ola, a town in the European part of Russia. Our business model is built around this fact and includes the development center located in Russia and customers living in the US. It seems like a simple connection but in reality, it is a multilayered and a complex one. This connection is not only geographical but is also in our mindset and all business process. It is the core of our competitive advantage, the reason we can provide the highest quality work and customer service.

Connecting the two cities, in two countries we take the best from both worlds: Russian programmers and the American management models. Russian programmers are highly valued on the world market for their ability to solve problems of any difficulty. At the same time, it is a well-known fact that American models of management are the best in the world. Russian programmers win the Programming Olympics and American teams lead in productivity. Obviously, if you combine the two — it will be an extremely powerful mix, an explosive power in a good way.
There are many companies in the IT industry working in the outsourcing. Some of them have representations in other countries, but they often are consistent of just a mailbox in a city none of its employees have even ever been to.

For us, the connection in between the two countries is a lot deeper. It goes through many aspects and there are constant various workflows going in both directions.

We get our high energy and the speed of a big city from New York, as it truly is the capital of the world. We learn about the American culture and the American mindset, we adopt the American approach to business and celebrate the U.S. holidays. We do the interior design of our office incorporating the U.S. aesthetics and cultural elements. All of that helps us to reach the professional level of the U.S. companies in other aspects as well. As I mentioned, the strongest points of the U.S. business are the management and productivity, that is multiple times higher than it is in Russia. And these strong points are what we are trying to obtain, first of all in our company, and then spread it in the town, the region, and eventually — the whole country.
It is a long way, and maybe is a very big of a dream, but it is our input to the IT industry development in Russia. If we get to implement the American management models in our home country, improve and adapt them as we work with our Russian clients, we would consider it a success! We are proud to say that as of now we go step by step in that direction and are getting unstoppable. We believe that this mission is possible!
Photo credit: Yana Arban (Vorontsova)
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