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Bistrodengi (Quickmoney) is your lifeline
Applying for loans in the comfort of your own home.

MFC "BistroDengi" is the leader of the Russian microfinance market and a modern platform for a variety of financial services, that works using both prepaid cards and a wide network of more than 500 offices.


MFC "BistroDengi" committed to going mobile in 2017, because going online and mobile are the key engines of growth for the company. The online loan market that exists today is showing strong growth, which confirms the high demand for remote services. MFC had to find a way to respond to the increasing amount of requests to receive financial assistance in a faster and easier way.


The mobile application "BistroDengi" became MFC's solution allowing the company's new and existing customers to receive loans with just a few taps on their smartphones, as well as do most of their other transactions from their personal mobile devices. All that a user would need is to have a "BistroCard".

The key functionality for applications of this type is applying for loans and we focused on it with extra attention, thinking through every aspect of the process starting at the scoping phase.

Our goal was to make the application simple and convenient for the user. For this purpose, our specialists analyzed UI/UX of competing apps in the field.

One of our challenges was to implement the options of applying for loans and extending the due date terms that worked best for the business model of our client.
All the design changes were discussed with the client in detail. We also demonstrated an interactive prototype which included not only the key options, but all of the secondary functions that didn't make it to the first release.

While analyzing all of the prototype functions we identified the issues which might appear when third-party' features are implemented.

For example, when there are payments from other bank cards or service. Therefore, only the set of functions that wouldn't cause such issues got to the development stage.
We created the application as close as possible to the guidelines of the platforms "Apple Design Guidelines for iOS and Material Design for Android. We figured out a way to add new functions without changing the main navigation in the app.

We made the search and the review of office space options more convenient than the ones that competing apps have. The process of applying for and offering extensions of existing loans became simpler and shorter. We put these functions in the spotlight of the app (unlike our competitors, which have these functions as part of the general menu in their apps).
The integration with third-party services of MFC became a major part of our scope of work. The services our client had to implement include: reception (front office), bpm' online, payment gateways, SMS-gateways, scoring systems, etc., which all have their own limitations.

We faced an unusual task in connecting these services by adapting the communication protocols to our solution. To achieve this Omega-R created a specific backend, which served as a "layer" between third-party platforms and customers.

Security is an essential part of apps in the financial industry, thus, meeting the standards in this area was under the strict control of our experts.

Protection from debugging, data encryption, secure transmission and storage, prohibition of the use of key app functions on jailbroken and rooted devices — all of the key details were taken into consideration at the scoping phase and development, and confirmed at the pen test stage.

Currently, the app is available for Android devices, and the iOS version is coming soon. The app is gaining its user base and we are monitoring the analytics. We are planning to add the loan extension feature in the future, since it is already obvious that it is of high demand among MFC clients.


"BistroDengi" — is not our first project in the financial industry. We had already created similar apps with integrated payment gateways before ( Having this experience behind us, in addition to more than 150 applications we have created for Russian and foreign markets, we managed to create a well-designed and meticulously tested personal cabinet for MFC clients.
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