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5 virtual reality things to do in NYC
Everyone is talking about VR technology and you don't have a set of goggles to experience it yet?
It's actually not too hard to test out Virtual Reality if you live in a city like New York. There are plenty of places to try VR in various environments, talk about it, or meet the people who create it and even start creating it too.

Read our short digest of the most interesting VR attractions and events in NYC available this spring and find a place that sounds right for you. We are intentionally focused on not sharing just the most popular ones, but rather offering a fun variety. You can treat them as a way to introduce yourself to new opportunities for your business, or just as cool ideas of events to try on a weekend and bring your friends to.
1. VR Cinema & PlayLab, Jump Into The Light

If you work in the film industry or are looking for new ways to tell your brand story, try out this cinematic experience with Virtual Reality Cinema & Play Lab. They will introduce you to the basics of VR storytelling, along with features and visuals you can use for your own projects.

«Jump Into The Light» includes 4 different experiences, in which you see short VR films that take you to fascinating places from a trip around the world to a Salvador Dali Painting; move virtual reality objects with your bare hands; play VR video games and make your personal 3D selfie.


Tickets: $45-$95, buy here

Address: 180 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

Dates: Recurring/Tickets available until May 20th
2. Met Cloisters' Exhibition, Small Wonders: the Virtual Reality Experience

One of the great features of VR – seeing places that are physically unreachable, is used creatively at Met Cloisters' Exhibition "Small Wonders: the Virtual Reality Experience". The creators offer an exciting new way to explore a piece of artwork, which is to let you go inside of it. This VR experience will allow you to immerse yourself inside of a 16th century boxwood prayer bead and explore its intricate carvings. During the 5-minute journey you will move through, around and within one of these small wonders.

It will not only be aesthetically pleasing but may help give you some ideas of how to showcase your own products or art in an innovative and engaging way.


Tickets: Free with Museum Admission, appointment required, register here

Address: 99 Margaret Corbin Drive, Fort Tryon Park, New York, NY 10040

Dates: Running thru May 21
3. VR Bar NYC

Don't confuse it with an actual bar. There is no alcohol involved, but the concept of having a variety of VR experiences at your service is the same. At this arcade in Brooklyn, you can choose from a wide range of experiences from climbing Everest to exploring Tatooine or painting in three dimensions. The variety of experiences, games and films for you to try can turn you into this bar's regular.


Tickets: $10/10min

Address: 261 Smith Street, Brooklyn, 11231

Dates: Recurring

If you're actually looking to combine your VR experience with drinking attend this party in Brooklyn called "Bottomless Beer Socializing and VR" on April 25.
4. Unity Community Meetup

Being a VR experience creator sounded like a sci-fi storyline only a few years ago. Today it's a new prospective career path, and regardless of the field you work in you have probably already started hearing from colleagues of how it's about to come to your industry, or has already been implemented into it. If you'd like to give it a shot for yourself and try on a VR developer's hat, attend one of the free VR developers workshops the city has to offer. One of them "Learn how to make a VR Experience — Games, Apps, and Beyond" will provide all the necessary tools for beginners as well as opportunities for professional growth for advanced developers.

Website: NYC-VR- AR/?scroll=true

Tickets: Free, RSVP required

Address: ThoughtWorks, 99 Madison Ave., 15th Floor, New York, NY

Dates: April 26
5. TMPL Gym

Virtual Reality is not restricted to wearing a set of goggles. In fact, some specialists in industries like film or sports see their breakthrough development in VR being possible with the invention of VR screens, allowing people to have shared experiences and move freely in space.

To get a glimpse of how VR can revolutionize your gym and your workout with a prototype of one of these screens, take a class at high tech gym, TMPL in Manhattan. Their cycling exercise experience "The Trip" uses digital 30ft wall projections to create new worlds. You can climb the side of a steep glacier, chase futuristic riders, sprint across lava flows or ride through a space age city. THE TRIP gives a visual purpose to your workout, and makes you more engaged in it.


Tickets: $50/Day or Membership

Address: 355 W 49th St , New York, NY 10019

Dates: Recurring

Tell us about your favorite place in comments.
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